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Competitive Team Schedules

Royals * Reign * Dynasty * Supreme * Legacy

These Schedules are generalized/ recommended schedules for those that are interested in all genres. Some have multiple options and you can choose what works best. 
Example; Strength & Flex, Acro skills, Acrobatics. 

What is Mandatory?

- Comp. Jazz  = 1 ballet class & Strength & Flexibility
- Comp. Lyrical/ Contemporary  = + 2nd ballet class
- Reign, Supreme, Legacy & Dynasty Comp. Jazz = Jazz Technique
- Competitive Acro = Acro Skills in addition.

What is considered Company?

         Ages 12+
- Anyone training in 10+ classes/ week & 4+ Competitive Classes is “Company”.

       Ages 11& Under 
- Anyone training in 9+ classes/ week & 3+ competitive classes is "company"

Audition Placement will be emailed out by August 9th, 2021. 

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