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2023-24 Fundraisers

These fundraisers are optional but
open for ALL dancers to benefit from. 
Funds will be applied directly to your acct.

Completed Fundraisers

1. Sponsor The Month!

Download our Calendar "September 2023" -Click Here 

Email to Friends, Text to friends, Post on Social, Post on the Wall in the Office, you name it!

Recommend "marking up the photo" in your camera roll with an X when the day is taken. Or print off and write in their name and update a photo of it on social media (similar to the super bowl squares) 


Have your supporters choose a day of the month and donate that dollar amount. You will fundraise $465 (Sept)


 Please turn in 1 check or cash to The 716 dance Lab

September due by October 12th- Winner Drawn October 15th 

The 716 Dance Lab will be donating the $100 Visa Gift card to Raffle off 

2. Fun Pasta Fundraiser
Runs September 24th- October 6th 
  35-40% Profit. 
  All Online - Ships directly to Seller in 3-5 days. 

Profit Applied 10/7

There is a dropdown at check-out for dancer's last name so your dancer gets credit from supporters purchases. 

3. Money Dolly   40% Profit

Selling Carmel popcorn, Beef Jerky, Pretzels, Dance Lab Gear & Online donations!
4 IN 1 !!
October 9th - October 18th
40% Profit on items (Jerky, Dance Lab Gear & popcorn)

and 80% profit on donations (20% goes to the app company)


Click here for a guided launch guide to set up!

Step 1: Click the link above to download the app & follow prompts
Step 2: Make Acct and Use your dancer's name 
Step 3: Add atleast 5 contacts from your phone and the app will ask them to support!
Step 4: Click share to text, email, post to facebook. Click the QR Code to sell in person. 
** All Orders are mailed directly to them 3-4 days after October 18th fundraiser closing. 
And once fundraiser is closed we will be given profits from the company to apply to your account

If you want to put this app on multiple phones, only have one person make an account and click the tab that says "add helper" so it is always under your dancers name so it can be applied to your account. 


 6. Superbowl Squares 

The dancer's family will be responsible for their own board from start to finish and will turn in their profits. We will supply a board below to fill in and post on social media.

You will fill the squares, collect the funds, pull your numbers & disperse winnings. We have made a smaller board option with 25 slots as dancers will need to fill their own boards or will need to share with someone on their own. Simply turn in Cash/check when you have completed a board. 

Click here for a 25 Square Board ($250 Profit)
Click here for a 100 Square Board ($1,000 Profit)

- Post the board asking for support
- Keep track of what numbers have been taken by highlighting on social media or keeping hand written board with you and posting updated photo of it.
- Collect funds ASAP via venmo, etc
- Pull numbers with a deck of cards at random
- Post/share complete board so those that supported you have it for the game 
- turn in 50% profit to studio 
- Separate funds for winners after the game.


4. Sponsor my Costume 

This sheet is for you to hand out to your family & friends. We do not need the sponsor sheets turned in.  You can simply drop the cash/check in the payment drop box with your dancers name on it and it will be applied to their account. You can do this at anytime.


Click here for PDF to print/share. You can use this anytime

Costume Cost: $95 Each 
            70% Deposit due Nov. 15th , Balance Due Jan 15th

 5. Wilson Farm Beef Sticks

Cost: $20/bag 
Profit: $5/bag 
Dates: Orders Due November 15th, 2023
MOP:  Cash or one Check (Made out to 716 Dance Lab) with Order form attached.
Will be delivered to studio approx. 2 weeks following order due date and will be emailed for pickup at the studio. You will need to distribute. 

Click here for Beef Stick chart/ Social Media 
Click here for Order Form 
Click here for Nutritional Facts 


 7. Babcia's Pierogis - (final fundraiser)

Profit: 20% 

Cost: $11/bag of 6 

Orders Due: February 27th (paper form & cash or 1 check made out to The 716 Dance Lab)

Delivery: Delivery at Studio Thursday, March 14th 

View Form Here

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