2021-22 Fundraisers

Fun Pasta Fundraising 

      Starts Nov. 19th- Closes December 14th.      


     40% Profit from Fun Shaped Pasta!

      Online Orders Only. 

      Simply share the link & have your supporters

     put your dancers name in the notes & in the drop down!


Superbowl Square Fundraiser

     $20 per square 

     $10 profit & $10 go towards payouts. 

     Money due January 27th, 2022

     Sell your own board and raise $1,000

    Click here for empty board to do on your own (Click here for #'d board)


    Join us January 7th 6-8  pm in the studio for board claiming day!

      We will have 8 tables set up for 8 different boards....

      Stop by each table and claim a square on each board!

      Tell your friends to come, bring $20 for each square and 

       tell us your dancers name!

   Following this day we will create a "band" group chat to fill 

   the rest of the boards!   


Babcia's Pierogis 

     Starting end of January, pick up form on outside hallway table 

     Order Form & Pmt due by Feb. 25th

     $10 per frozen bag of 6 pierogis.

     25% Profit- $2.50 per bag

     Delivery/pickup  week of March 20th @ studio

     Pierogis will be delivered frozen for your distribution

     Just in time for Easter!!!



These fundraisers are optional but

open for ALL dancers to benefit from

Funds will be applied directly to your acct.


September Candy Bars- 165 boxes sold

September- Popcorn Fundraiser $4,150 profit 

Sponsor My Costume-Available at any time.

     Click below to print on your own!

     Boys Costume Sheet

     Girls Costume Sheet

Wilson Beef Sticks

      Starts November 1st- Sheets on shelves at studio

      Form & Money due Nov 18th     

      $19 per bag 

      $6 profit per bag

      1-2 weeks delivery time to studio for pickup 

     Cash or one check made out to "The 716 Dance Lab"

     Click here for Order Form 

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