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Picture Day 2022

Mon, March 14th- Thurs, March 17th, 2022


- If I am not ordering photos do I need to be there? 

Yes Please! We will have team photos in our yearbook and a class photo is a memory for everyone!

-What do they need to wear? 

Full Costume, shoes & hair. See Schedule for details next to your class for extras.

** Please come ready to go in costume

-Do they need to wear makeup?

We highly recommend light makeup so they pop! (blush, mascara, etc)

 Competitive Students= Earrings, Full Makeup, Dark Lip, High Pony)

Do Parents come in?

We will have Studio B set up with chairs for parents to wait. During their class time, we will be sharing dances with the other classes during that time slot in our big room & our back room will be a changing area. We ask that no parents enter the changing area 

Please be on time, we will not be able to wait.


Please have forms completed prior to picture day online or paper forms completed prior. 

Use Dance Song Name on all order forms 

Letter From the Photographer 

We are very excited about "Picture Days" at 716 Dance Lab for your 2021-22 Dance season, and can't wait to capture the great costumes the dancers have this year. We have so many new changes this year to make the experience for yourself and your child the best it could possibly be.

Attached is a PDF of the Dance Pricelist Order Form for your review to help you plan your order. Paper Order Forms will also be given out at your dance school 2 weeks before your picture day however, we recommend ordering online at

** If you are using a paper form- You only need one form per dancer (previously we needed one per class) YAY! 

NEW 2022

1)   Online Order Form- Available Up to 24 hours prior to picture day  If you are paying by Credit card, save time and place your picture day order through our new On-line Pre-Pay order system. All you need to know is the SONG NAMES of your dancer, and what you would like to order of each dance/song. Head to 

- step by step directions on how to order online. Click here. 

2) New Specialty Art Pieces- see images below - Paper order forms with attached envelope are available at the dance studio. Specialty Art Piece Orders are not available for purchase online, paper forms only.   preview here.

3) New Candid Website- We will photograph all kinds of candids of the kids and upload them to a site for you to download or purchase pictures of these "behind the scene" adorable pics from picture day.


Questions?   Call the Photography Studio M-Sat 11am-4pm. (716) 649-1300. We will return your call the same day. No questions? Just hand in your forms on "Picture Day" or fill out on-line ahead of time with the link above.

FAQ from Photographer

How many forms do I need to fill out?

Paper forms(cash/check purchases), will be given to you by your studio. Please submit 1 form per dancer 10 minutes before your 1st dance time.(2 forms may be needed if your child is in multiple dances). If you are paying by Credit, use the On-Line Pre-Pay link at the above website.


What information do I need to fill out paper forms or On-Line form?

 SONG NAME for each dance you are ordering for. The rest is basic contact information


How long is the On-Line Prepay site Live?

On-line link will close March 13th at 5pm(24 hours before picture days). After that, use the paper forms on site and pay by Cash or Check


What if I want a portrait of my kids together?

Simple. Just list the song name(you want the kids photographed together in) on the paper form or at the checkout screen On line, and choose the "Sibling 8x10 or 5X7 package option


Can I order Digital files of each Dance?

Yes. The cost is $25 per dance for the file. Package K gives you a discount of the file to $15, as long as you have a minimum purchase of $30 of the dance you want the file of(Discount is per dance not order total)


How do I order Specialty items(Panoramics, Chalk, Smoke, Ballet, etc)

Specialty items forms are available on the sample table at your dance studio, and should be submitted 10 minutes before your 1st dance time. Due to the specialized info needed for these, they are not available on the On-line form. We have a picture of the form below for your reference and pre-planning

Specialty Examples

Generic sample- email.png
Generic sample Panos-chalk- email.png
LogosAsset 106.png

Candid Examples

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