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Competitive Dates to  Remember

Click on important dates Tab for details for studio-wide info!


Competitions (Mandatory) ALL LOCAL

              3/22-3/24  - Dynamic Performance Challenge (Epic, Reign & Dynasty)


              4/12-4/14   - Imagine Dance challenge (Epic, Reign & Dynasty)

                                        Hamburg Fairgrounds

              4/26-4/28  - AMP Dance Comp (Majestic, Epic, Reign & Dynasty)

                                       Buffalo Niagara Convention Center 

              5/25-5/27- Starbound Dance Comp (Majestic, Epic, Reign & Dynasty)

                                        Niagara Falls Convention Center

NEWWW !!! Optional Summer Trip (Summer 2024)

              NYC Getaway 

              We are looking to plan an optional team trip to NYC with our competitive families.

             Dance Parents &  Kiddos to have a few days away to see the city

             & Take classes at Broadway dance Center!

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