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Specialty Numbers

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Click here to complete Specialty Form!
You must complete to start the process! 

Who can do a Solo/duet/trio?
      Any Competitive Students that take 4 or more classes/ week. 

What is the cost ?
      *  See above. 

             - Initial Choreo Fee

             - Extra Costume 

             - Extra Tuition

             - Extra Comp Fees

What is the commitment?
      *   4 Hours of Choreo/ Privates 
      *   Must be at 2 Specialty rehearsals per month (2nd and 4th Fridays)
           - Fridays from 6:30-8 following choreo completion
      *   If absences are happening during the week/ performance,
            work ethic or attitude is not up to par.... your specialty # may
            be pulled from competition. 
  * Group #'s & technique come first & is in-addition to your current commitment.

When can I start?
       * As early as August!

Can I compete in other competitions?     
        * Of course! We must have 45 Day notice before the event 
            for enough time to enroll you. 
       *  99% of the time, a staff member will go with your dancer. 
       *  To add add'l competitions; these comp fees must be pd in full before
           The 716 dance Lab will enroll you in the event. 
       *  All specialties will compete in the group competitions
       *  If you choose to pull from an additional competition after pmt, you will not be                 refunded.

Can I purchase my own costume?
       *Yes! If you want something more higher end than the $85 you can 
         purchase another costume or give us your ball park price range. 
         DO NOT purchase a costume without approval. 
         Costume must be approved by owners & Choreographer. 
      * This must be decided as soon as payment is made as choreographer
         will pick a costume as they are choreographing the routine.

Can I choose my song & Genre?
          *You can definitely give song recommendations however, there is no guarantee.   
          * Please give preferred genre & 2nd choice. 

Extra Private Lessons        
           *30 minute Specialty Private lessons can be added for $25
           * must book through studio and we will coordinate with choreographer 


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