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11AM & 3PM Shows 
Buffalo State College
June 8th, 2024

Mandatory Dress Rehearsals 
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 
June 4th-6th

(See Below for details)


Tuesday -    
Show 1 

Wednesday- Show 2 

Thursday- COMP Numbers
& Performing ballet/musical theater 

The numbers that are in both shows
will rehearse on Thursday

Buffalo State College 

Rockwell Hall 

1300 Elmwood Avenue 

Buffalo, NY, 14222

Note: If There is not a $0 Balance on June 3rd when final Auto-Pay Runs, Dancer will be unable to participate in Rehearsals & Recital. 

Tickets are assigned seating .

Each Dancer will be allotted 5 Tickets MAX per show for purchase (ages 2 & Under can sit laps)

*Dancers do not need a ticket as they will be backstage for the entire show*


Tickets will not sell out during these 3 weeks. But it is reserved seating so early bird gets the closer seats.

After May 17th at 10AM tickets will open up for Unlimited Additional Tickets (What is left that people didn't use), first come - first serve. 

Buff State Ticket Landing Site ->

Direct Link to 11AM Show->

Direct Link to 3PM Show ->


Reminder; Video of the shows will be free for digital download and viewing to all families Approximately 3-4 weeks following the show so you can re-watch & share!



- Dancers arrive for dress rehearsal & show in 1st costume.

- Hair back tight in whatever style they wish & makeup.

- Please do not bring duffels, Ipads, toys, Water, snacks, extra items backstage as we will be exiting from the stage at the end of the show. 

- We will have water & Activities backstage.

-You do not need your recital shirt unless you are a competitive team member. 




** Dancers with multiple dances, please come in first costume and have the rest of your costumes in a hanging garment bag with name labeled. Labeled Garment Bags in Dancer Name & Song & Shoes is very important. We have changing tents and rooms and teachers will help dancers change. Parents wil not be permitted backstage. 


AM Show 1 -   Doors open at 10am -> Dancers checked in backstage by 10:40am -> Show begins at 11am

 PM Show 2- Doors re-open at 2pm-> Dancers checked in backstage by 2:40pm-> Show begins at 3pm

How Long is the show?

Our Show is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. 

all dancers besides Guardian & Me Remain backstage during the entire show.

Pick Up - Dancers can be picked up following the shows completion. Dancers will remain backstage for the entire show and at the shows completion we will have everyone exit except one parent. We will have all dancers exit from the Aud with their parents. Older dancers with costumes backstage can walk backstage with their parents following the show to get their items from the dressing room. 

4 Sale on show Day - Stuffed animals with Dance Lab Tee (Llamas, Brown Bear, Tye Dye Bear,& Unicorn) , Flowers (Flower bar cart will be set up) Light up Swords, LED Dance Lab Displays, Taylor Swift Themed Bracelets, Flowers

ParkingBuffalo State College. All Parking on Campus will be free and accessible. You will enter Rockwell Hall which is the front building facing Elmwood. Enter from the front on Elwood. 

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